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CCRC FF1600 Championship

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CCRC FF1600 Championship

Race dates 2019 (provisional): REGISTRATIONS OPEN 1st DECEMBER 

Howard's Day - Mon, 22nd April 2019                    CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

May Day Madness - Mon, 6th May 2019                  CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

Whitsun Race Day - Mon, 27th May 2019              CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

The Big Weekend - Sat 6th July 2019                     CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

Combe Countdown - Mon, 26th August 2019        CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

Grand Finals day - Sat, 14th September 2019       CLICK HERE TO ENTER 


Formula Ford Championship 

Club racing at its best!! Catering for Kent engined Formula Ford 1600s, this superb championship has been a crowd favourite at the circuit since 1969. The Castle Combe Championship is now the oldest in the country and arguably the most successful, blending intense competition with a friendly atmosphere amongst the competitors. Large grids and close racing ensure the success of the Championship for competitors, sponsors and spectators alike!


  • Classes & Championship Information

    Four classes allow any type of Kent- engined Formula Ford 1600 to run competitively against its peers.

    • No. of Rounds: 10
    • Round to Count: 7
    • No. of Laps: 15 single rounds, 10 laps for Double
    • MSA Licence Type: National 'B'
    • MSA Championship Grade: C
    • MSA Permit Number: TBC


    Class TypeClass DescriptionLap RecordRecord HolderRecord Vehicle
    Class A - Post 95' Caters for the latest generation cars built after the 1st January 1996. 1:09.866 Michael Moyers  Spectrum 011c
    Class B - 1990-1995 For cars built between 01/01/1990 and 31/12/1995. 1:10.337 Luke Cooper  Swift SC92
    Class C - 1985 -1989 For cars built between 01/01/1985 and 31/12/1989. 1:14.133 Steve Bracegirdle  Van Diemen RF89  14-7-18
    Class D - Pre 85 Is for pre-195 classic cars. 1:16.829 Peter Hannam  Nike 1970  27-8-18
  • History of the Championship

    The Castle Combe Racing Club Formula Ford 1600 series lays rightful claim to being Britain's oldest regional FF1600 series. First held in 1969, it pre-empted the Champion of Brands series by a year.

    Early FF1600 visitors included the Frank Williams Racing Team, later to become Williams Grand Prix Engineering, with American driver John Bisignano, as well as future multiple British Touring Car champion Andy Rouse who cut his teeth in a Dulon LD4C. How many fans in the crowd on September 11 1976 could have realised they were witnessing a future British world champion in FF1600 race winner Nigel Mansell?

    The 1978 season was another landmark in Castle Combe history, with the closure of the Llandow circuit in South Wales, the FF1600 and Special Saloon Car Championships became one circuit series. Prior to that, both had been known as BRSCC South West series featuring rounds at both circuits. Indeed, in its early years, the FF1600 championship has also taken in races at Thruxton.

    However, in the circuit's 50-year history, few drivers have been as successful as quadruple champions Bob Higgins and Gavin Wills. Both have records that stand close scrutiny, for with a little more luck, either could have added a fifth or perhaps even a sixth title.

  • Previous Champions
    Year Driver Car
    2018 Luke Cooper  Swift SC16
    2017 Josh Fisher  Van Diemen JL14
    2016 Roger Orgee Jnr Van Diemen RF00
    2015 Roger Orgee Jnr Van Diemen RF00
    2014 Adam Higgins Van Diemen JL12
    2013 Adam Higgins Van Diemen JL12
    2012 Ben Norton Spectrum 10b
    2011 Rob Hall Swift SC11
    2010 Marcus Allen Swift SC92F
    2009 Ben Norton Spectrum 011
    2008 Josh Fisher Mygale SJ03
    2007 Ed Moore Van Diemen RF00
    2006 Matt Rivett Ray GR97
    2005 Tim Reynolds Swift SC92F
    2004 Ed Moore Van Diemen RF01
    2003 Chris Axford Swift SC92F
    2002 Simon Ashley Swift SC92F
    2001 John Hutchinson Van Diemen RF90
    2000 John Hutchinson Van Diemen RF90
    1999 Richard Carter Van Diemen RF92
    1998 Richard Carter Van Diemen RF92
    1997 Kevin Mills Swift SC92F
    1996 Kevin Mills Swift SC92F
    1995 Kevin Mills Swift SC92F
    1994 Gavin Wills Swift SC92F
    1993 Gavin Wills Swift SC92F
    1992 Bob Higgins Reynard FF91
    1991 Nigel Jenkins Reynard FF90
    1990 Nigel Jenkins Reynard FF89
    1989 Gavin Wills Van Diemen RF89
    1988 Gavin Wills Van Diemen RF86
    1987 David Llewellyn Van Diemen RF86
    1986 Robert Davies Van Diemen RF84
    1985 Howard Lester Reynard FF83
    1984 Martin Cooper Royale RP33M and Reynard FF83/84
    1983 Bob Higgins Royale RP29A
    1982 Bob Higgins Martlet DM4
    1981 Bob Higgins Martlet DM3/DM4
    1980 Steve Lincoln Royale RP26
    1979 Geoff Davies Crossle 32F
    1978 Mike Wallaker Jomic Mk2
    1977 David Wheeler Royale RP21A
    1976 David Toye Royale RP21
    1975 Terry Richards Merlyn Mk11A
    1974 Roger Orgee Dulon MP15
    1973 Clive Power Dulon MP15
    1972 Buzz Buzaglo Elden Mk10
    1971 Mike Campbell-Cole Merlyn Mk11A
    1970 Peter Lamplough Palliser WDF2
    1969 Bryan Sharp Merlyn Mk11A

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Howard's Day

at Castle Combe Circuit

22 April 2019

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