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CCRC Saloon Car Championship

CCRC Saloon Car Championship

This very successful class-based Championship's big attraction is the wide diversity of eligible cars capable of being competitive. Whilst the nimble front wheel drive hatches have traditionally been favourites there is now a competitive group of turbocharged cars featuring in the results. 

MSA List 1A tyres and the introduction of AD08Rs in 2017, limited suspension modifications also helps to keep costs down. 

Many of the front runners are using fully race prepared engines with budgets to match, however many competitors compete with very modest budgets and have great races, with large grids there is always someone to race with.

Check out the Saloons in action in 2018 (follows BMW footage at around 21.30) 


  • Classes & Championship Information

    The Championship is eligible for 2 wheel drive production saloons manufactured in the 21st Century and split into 4 classes from which any class can provide the outright Championship winner.

    • No. of Rounds: 8
    • Round to Count: 8
    • No. of Laps: 15
    • MSA Licence Type: National 'B'
    • MSA Championship Grade: D
    • MSA Permit Number: CH2018/ R075


    Class TypeClass DescriptionLap RecordRecord HolderRecord Vehicle
    Class A 2WD Production Saloons from 2000 onwards. 2501cc to 3400cc 1.12.916 Gary Prebble  Seat Leon Cupra 1800cc 27-8-18
    Class B 2WD Production Saloons from 2000 onwards. 1801cc to 2500cc 1.13.184 Simon Norris  Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart 1468cc 27-8-18
    Class C 2WD Production Saloons from 2000 onwards. 1501cc to 1800cc 1.14.492 Geoffrey Ryall  Peugot 106 GTi 1600cc 01-5-17
    Class D 2WD Production Saloons from 2000 onwards. Up to 1500cc 1.17.770 Russell Humphrey Vauxhall Corsa


    Coefficient for engines with forced induction including Hybrids is 1.7:1, exceptionally for Rotary engines with forced induction the coefficient will be 2.6:1.
    Normally-aspirated Rotary engines will have applied a coefficient of 1.7:1.

  • History of the Championship

    Although it was only inaugurated in 1995, the circuit's Saloon Car series quickly established itself as one of the most successful series in Britain. Howard Strawford and his team recognised a need for a cost conscious series for road-based saloon cars in the West Country, and it was an instant hit when 44 competitors registered for the pilot races in 1995. Although certain modifications are allowed, the cars remain road-going type saloons and coupes. The fact that the cars run on road tyres rather than slicks, means that fans can truly equate them to the type of car they drive on the road.

    Sussex man Derek Wileman became the first official champion when he lifted the crown in 1996. Wileman had raced a variety of saloon cars before campaigning what proved to be an unstoppable combination in a Vauxhall Cavalier GSi.

    When Russell Poynter-Brown clinched the title in 2005 it was his first, but it was his car's third such success having already carried Charles Atherton to a title double. Russell went on to sponsor the Championship for a few years and his Vauxhall Corsa returns to the Championship in 2017 this time in the hands of Michael Good. During 2005, the face of Class A was changing, with the emergence of a 4WD Audi A4 (Keith Murray), Subaru Imprezas and the occasional Mitsubishi Evo. For 2006, the four-wheel drive machinery would get its own class.

    In 2010, the four-wheel drive cars were transferred to the Special GT Championship leaving only front or rear-wheel drive machinery as the Saloons Championship entered its latest era.

  • Previous Champions
    Year Driver Car
    2017 Simon Thornton-Norris Mitsubishi Colt
    2016 Simon Thornton-Norris Mitsubishi Colt
    2015 Mark Wyatt Vauxhall Astra
    2014 David Rose Volkswagen Lupo 
    2013 William Di Claudio  Peugeot 106 GTi
    2012 William Di Claudio  Peugeot 106 GTi 
    2011 Nick Charles Peugeot 106 GTi 
    2010 Nick Charles Peugeot 106 GTi
    2009 Jason Cooper Ford Fiesta
    2008 William Di Claudio Peugeot 106 XSi
    2007 Tony Hutchings MG ZR
    2006 Tony Hutchings MG ZR
    2005 Russell Poynter-Brown Vauxhall Corsa
    2004 Tony MacWhirter Vauxhall Corsa
    2003 Tony Dolley Vauxhall Corsa
    2002 Gary Prebble Rover 220 Coupe
    2001 Charles Atherton Vauxhall Corsa
    2000 Charles Atherton Vauxhall Corsa
    1999 Tim Hanlon Peugeot 205 GTi
    1998 Russell Humphrey Vauxhall Astra GTE
    1997 Ilsa Cox Peugeot 205 GTi
    1996 Derek Wileman Vauxhall Cavalier GSi
    1995* Keith MacAskill Vauxhall Nova

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