HOWARD'S RACE DAY the 500th Official Race Meeting

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Welcome Back!

The event is named after Howard Strawford, the man who ran Castle Combe circuit for almost 40 years, until his passing in 2013. Over a decade later the circuit continues to flourish and Castle Combe Racing Club, which Howard created in 2006, is once again looking forward to busy grids of cars throughout the season.

Howard’s Race Day will see action from a huge variety of different machinery – from single seater formula cars, through saloons to GTs, Hot Hatches and much much more.  This all adds up to a fantastic variety of cars duelling it out on track and, with no less than twelve races over the course of the day, the Howard’s Day meeting is sure to be an excellent, action-packed day out.

Qualifying will take place during the morning from 8.30 in the morning and the race is scheduled to start at midday, the full timetable will be released nearer the time. Racing continues until 6.30pm.

CCRC Championships, all who will race double headers this season!!

GT Championship Rds 1 & 2

FF1600 Championship Rds 1 & 2

Saloon Car Championship Rds 1 & 2

Hot Hatch Championship Rds 1 & 2

Spectator tickets can be purchased via Castle Combe Circuit Website.  If you plan to visit most if not all race days, take a look at the season and super season passes also available.


Visiting Championships/Series

And joining the grid to kick off the 500th Official race meeting;

500 Owners Association

The “500” began in 1946 as a way for “impecunious enthusiasts” to go motor racing using 500 cc motorbike engines instead of the larger capacity engines that prevailed prior to the war. The idea caught on and was adopted as a new Formula 3 in 1950.

Well known names raced in 500s including Stirling Moss, Ken Tyrrell, Ivor Bueb, Jim Russell, Les Leston, Peter Collins, Don Parker, Stuart Lewis-Evans and Bernie Ecclestone! At famous locations like Shelsley Walsh, Mallory Park, and Silverstone.

Classic and Modern Motorsport Club bring the following Race Titles

CMMC Intermarque Silhouettes with WRDA Championship

Ashtone MEP Super Saloons and Tin Tops

What an epic way to open the 2024 Season!!


500 Owners AssocationClassic & Modern Motorsport Club