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Richard Beard is Castle Combe Racing Club's Marshal Secretary responsible for:

  • Marshal training and development
  • Race Day Marshal allocation
  • Also, if CCRC is your Motorsport UK nominated primary club:
    • Motorsport UK grading
    • BGP volunteering forms

 For any enquiries or contact, please use the short form below  or email:


Marshal's CCRC RevUp

Marshals and Officials registered on the system can use the link below to:

  • Set Availability for Events
  • Electronically Sign-On (typically up to 7 days prior to the event)


Marshals Training Day

Marshals Training Day

CCRC have gained an enviable reputation for the quality of our training days. They are aimed at all levels of experience from a first timer to colleagues with more than 30 years (or more!) experience. The day is a very full one with typically sign-on by 08:00 and the day starting to wrap up at 16:00.

Attendees are split into groups depending on the level of experience and/or discipline:

  • Novices
  • Intermediates
  • Experienced

During the day various sessions cover the various skills with Motorsport UK recommended material including:

  • Fire theory and practical
  • First Aid
  • Personal Safety
  • Communication

Some sessions will be based in ‘the classroom’ and others will be practical and mostly outdoor. Whilst the training matter is serious, we endeavour to make it enjoyable.

Keep Safe

Want to be a Marshal?

Getting started in motor racing at Castle Combe Circuit does not have to be in a competition car, neither does it have to be expensive, in fact it’s cheaper than spectating!

You can get started by being a MARSHAL, a terrifically challenging, exciting, demanding and rewarding activity.

If you cannot yet afford to compete, marshalling can be just the place to give you the perfect insight into how to race once you are out there; the correct racing line, the positioning of the flag points, understanding of the regulations and much more.

On the other hand, you may have no aspirations to compete, but you simply want to get more involved in Castle Combe Circuit. So you can do it!

So what do you have to be, to become a marshal?

You should be aged 16 or over, you can be male or female and you need to be physically fit, so if you fit this criteria then you have the potential to be a Marshal.

What’s involved in being a Marshal?

The governing body of Motor Sport is Motorsport UK. They have put in place an outstanding structure for entry-level marshals, along with a development ladder upon which you may wish to grow. This process will take you through much training and development.

But to get started, the best place is to attend the introductory novice Marshals Training Day, usually held in March each year. Having attended this day, you will have a clear perspective of what it’s like to be a marshal and if you like what you see and hear, and are committed enough to want to get involved, then your marshalling career starts right there. But remember, a marshal acts as an official of the event and as such you need to turn up early, typically 07:30, and you could still be on duty as late as 18:30, so marshalling is a long but fulfilling day.

Marshalling will cost you nothing as it is a voluntary hobby, the only equipment you need is good waterproof clothing and stout footwear. There are many duties to introduce you to the art of marshalling, many start in the busy Assembly/Paddock area, where you can get to know the drivers and better understand the cars. The Startline area is another good starting off point, as here you get involved with Pit Lane and Grid duties. However, if you don’t fancy being out in the elements all day, then there are a variety of Administration duties to be undertaken.

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Classic Sports Car Club Race Weekend

at Castle Combe

16 July 2022 to 17 July 2022