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CCRC GT Championship

2017 continues the Castle Combe GT Championship where variety and freedom sets the Championship apart, virtually any Saloon Car, Sports Car, GT Car, Bike engine Car, Silhouette or Touring Cars can race competitively for the Championship in one of 5 classes with the outright Championship being able to be won from any class.

In 2017 the Championship will comprise 8 rounds and include ROLLING STARTS!

Sports Racing Cars & Sports Prototypes and road going derivatives thereof will not be eligible to participate, ie Radicals, Lolas, ADRs, Nemesis, Jades etc.

  • Classes & Championship Information

    SPECIAL SALOON, SPORTS, GTs, TOURING GT4 CARS (which do not qualify for modified class) plus BIKE ENGINED Cars, Kit Cars and SILHOUETTES these are cars which are based upon vehicles originally designed and built for road use, but have since been highly modified allowing the chassis to be changed as well as the drive train and location of the engine. Engines may be non-original and located in non-original locations. This group of cars is likely to be the fastest category, additionally due to their power to weight ratio all Caterhams, Westfields and similar kit car derivatives compete in this category.

    MODIFIED SALOON, SPORTS, GTs, & TOURING CARS are cars which must have originally been built for road use, examples of the car to be entered must have been manufactured and registered for road use with the engine, gearbox and drive train in their original locations. Engines must be based on that of the original road car, but may be modified.

    • No. of Rounds: 8
    • Round to Count: 8
    • Race Duration: 15 Laps
    • MSA Licence Type: National 'B'
    • MSA Championship Grade: D
    • MSA Permit Number: TBC


    Class TypeClass DescriptionLap RecordRecord HolderRecord Vehicle
    Class A - Special Over 2000cc Sports, Saloons, Touring, Bike Engined,4WD Turbo, GT, Kit & Silhouettes 1:09.415 TBC TBC
    Class B - Special Up to 2000cc Sports, Saloons, Touring, Bike Engined,GT, Kit & Silhouettes To be set... TBC TBC
    Class C - Modified Over 3500cc Sports, Saloons, GT & Touring Cars 1:09.006 TBC TBC
    Class D - Modified 2001cc to 3500cc Sports, Saloons, GT & Touring Cars 1:07.598 TBC  TBC 
    Class E - Modified Up to 2,000cc Sports, Saloons, GT & Touring Cars 1:10.109 TBC  TBC 


    Coefficient for engines with forced induction including Hybrids is 1.7:1, exceptionally for Rotary engines with forced induction the coefficient will be 2.6:1.
    Normally-aspirated Rotary engines will have applied a coefficient of 1.7:1.

  • History of the Championship

    The circuit-based Special GT series was first held in 1982, though its roots trace back to the circuit's own Special Saloon Car Championship which ran from 1975 to 1981.

    The latter part of the 1970's was one of change within the category, not just at Castle Combe but a national level, as purpose-built spaceframe specials clothed in fibreglass took over from traditional modified cars using steel bodyshells. Another category suffering from declining numbers was Modified Sports. The answer was simple: combine them and then call it Special GT. Grids filled with such cars as Lotus Elans, Davrians and the nimble spaceframe Minis and Imps.

    In 2009 the Championship saw further changes as the 4WD machinery was disbanded from the Saloons Championship and transferred to the renamed Sports & GT Championship with the likes of Gary Prebble in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Josh Smith with his Radical Prosport taking the championship in 2012 and 2013 respectively, showing that both sports racing and GT cars could compete equally with the championship.

    With the arrival of the Sports Racing Series in 2014, sports prototype cars reverted back to having their own grids with rolling starts, however following declining numbers once more the Series had its final outing only 2 years later in 2016 with the cars absent from the grids at Castle Combe for the foreseeable future and the Sports & GT Championship officially renamed as the Castle Combe Racing Club GT Championship - now with rolling starts!

  • Previous Champions
    Year Driver Car
    2016 Chris Vinall Seat Leon Supercopa
    2015 Oliver Bull Vauxhall Tigra Silhouette 
    2014 Gary Prebble Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
    2013 Josh Smith Radical PR6
    2012 Gary Prebble Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 
    2011 Simon Tilling Radical SR3T
    2010 Mark Funnell Lotus Exige
    2009 Simon Tilling Radical SR3
    2008 Shane Marshall Jade
    2007 Duncan Cameron Ferrari 360 Challenge
    2006 Keith Sprules Ferrari 355
    2005 Louis Davidson Radical Prosport
    2004 Louis Davidson Radical Prosport
    2003 Tony Sinclair Jade Trackstar
    2002 Bob Light B6 Sport
    2001 Mike Roberts Jade-Nissan
    2000 Bob Light B6 Sport
    1999 John Robinson Mallock Mk28
    1998 John Robinson Mallock Mk28
    1997 John Robinson Mallock Mk28
    1996 Keith Messer Lola T492H
    1995 Brian Fisher Shrike P16
    1994 Geoff Thorne Lola T87/90
    1993 Erling Jenson Maguire Stiletto
    1992 Phil Lomas Skoda-Tiga SR130
    1991 Chris Snowdon Davrian Mk8
    1990 Nigel Mustill Ford Escort
    1989 George Douglas & Nigel Mustill Ginetta G12 & Ford Escort
    1988 Brian Cutting Maguire Stiletto
    1987 Brian Fisher Skoda SR130
    1986 Brian Fisher Skoda SR130
    1985 Robin Harvey Davrian Mk8
    1984 Steven Roberts Davrian Mk7
    1983 Steven Roberts Davrian Mk7
    1982 Brian Cutting Sunbeam Stiletto

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