Formula Ford 1600 Championship

Club racing at its best!! Catering for Kent engined Formula Ford 1600s, this superb championship has been a crowd favourite at the circuit since 1969. The Castle Combe Championship is now the oldest in the country and arguably the most successful, blending intense competition with a friendly atmosphere amongst the competitors. Large grids and close racing ensure the success of the Championship for competitors, sponsors and spectators alike!

Formula Ford racing has been an incredibly important part of the Wiltshire track’s story since the late 1960s.

For 55 years, wheel-to-wheel dicing and plenty of thrills and spills have been a key element of Castle Combe race meetings as the circuit’s own championship has consistently delivered hugely competitive racing from strong grids. Formula Ford was first created in 1967, and early races were held at Castle Combe in 1967 and 1968 before the circuit championship was inaugurated for the 1969 season.

In 1969 the Castle Combe Formula Ford Championship was created as the first circuit-based championship in British motor racing, thanks to the foresight of the late Howard Strawford, the man who would go on to save the circuit from closure and develop it into one of Britain’s most popular venues.

“I was the first person in the country to come up with the idea of having a regional championship,’ said Strawford, speaking in 1998. “I applied directly to the RAC for the Formula Ford championship for 1969. By chance someone I knew from South Wales had moved across to this area and was in charge of advertising for Guards cigarettes. So we started off with sponsorship from Guards. I thought we could generate enough interest in the area for it to work.” As usual, Strawford’s vision was proved correct.




Class A – Post ’95: 1m09.866s Michael Moyers

Spectrum 011C 08/10/16


Class B – 1990-1995: 1m10.337s Luke Cooper

Swift SC92 25/05/15


Class C – 1985-1989: 1m11.548s David Cobbold

Van Diemen RF89 06/08/22


Class D – Pre’85:  1m11.683s Ben Mitchell

Merlyn Mk20 02/05/22


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CCRC FF1600 Championship in action on Camp Corner
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Championship Points Table