An opening from our Chairman, Ken Davies

It was a great pleasure to welcome club members, distinguished guests, and sponsors to Castle Combe Racing Club’s annual awards dinner at Future Inns Bristol on Saturday 18 November.

This year we celebrated the eighteenth running of our popular end of season social event.  Typically, our 2023 racing season has provided all the ingredients for a motor
racing blockbuster, including Triumph, Misfortune, Humour and Pathos. Nothing new there then and all part of the kaleidoscope that is motor racing!

During the evening we will celebrated the worthy winners of our club championships and applauded the hard and close racing throughout the season
that paved the way for our champions. We also acknowledged the band of dedicated marshals, officials, and circuit staff whose tireless work enables race
meetings to function – thanks for racing with us at Castle Combe.

Finally, we are well advanced with plans for another exciting season and the 2024 calendar is published herein. It all starts with our Media & Track Day
Saturday 16th March;

Monday 1 April

Monday 6 May

Monday 27 May

Saturday/Sunday 5/16 June

Saturday 3 August

Monday 26 August

Saturday/Sunday 21/22 September Autumn Classic

Saturday 5 October

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