The motorsport software company, aiming to revolutionise how we use data, will also act as Official Track Mapping and Telemetry Provider for the circuit.


Race performance cloud technology provider, MyRaceLab, has been confirmed as the 2024 Title Sponsor for the Castle Combe Racing Club (CCRC). MyRaceLab is poised to redefine racing excellence with Castle Combe Racing Club, setting the stage for an electrifying 2024 season filled with innovation, performance enhancement, and thrilling on-track action.


MyRaceLab goes beyond conventional GPS-based insights. Leveraging data from a multitude of sources, including smartphones, GoPro cameras, dashes and vehicle Engine Control Units (ECUs), MyRaceLab delivers unparalleled in-depth session and lap timing analysis, as well as comprehensive delta and performance comparisons. It essentially functions as a virtual race engineer, empowering drivers on their journey towards their next win.


Aimed at discerning race drivers and teams looking to get an extra edge from their on-track performance, MyRaceLab was launched earlier in 2023 with Castle Combe Circuit being the first race track in the UK to benefit from a partnership with the firm.


This means the outfit will be visible at all race events throughout the year, collaborating with teams and drivers on their products to help improve car setup, driving skills and lap times.


As well as acting as Title Sponsor of CCRC and its fleet of popular race meetings throughout 2024, MyRaceLab has also been confirmed as the Official Track Mapping and Telemetry Provider for Castle Combe Circuit. This collaboration will help develop MyRaceLab’s brand exposure in the motorsport world through physical and digital promotion by the circuit.


This exciting partnership solidifies Castle Combe and MyRaceLab’s commitment to enhancing the racing experience for drivers and teams seeking to gain a competitive edge on the track. Moreover, it underscores Castle Combe’s unwavering commitment to staying on the forefront of motorsport innovation by actively engaging with visionary brands that inject fresh and exciting concepts into the world of motoring.


Cat Dall’Occo, CCRC Racing Club Manager, commented on the news.

““Castle Combe Racing Club is delighted to be working closely with MyRaceLab as main Title Sponsor for its suite of 2024 championships, welcome onboard and we are excited for our competitors to benefit from this exciting new relationship, welcome to the Club””


Adam Bennett from MyRaceLab was also optimistic about the new-found partnership. “We are so excited to give CCRC the first chance to benefit from our new way of going racing, making data accessible and meaningful to ensure every moment on track moves them towards their next win. In a few short weeks since launch, UK drivers have shown us they are hungry for better race insights, so we will look forward to a fantastic 2024 season with Castle Combe and the Racing Club.”


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